Are you often clueless about your brand: who it is for, what you truly solve for people, and how to reach your ideal client?

Is your current branding  — from your logo, to your website and social — not on point? Does it FEEL GOOD to you and truly represent your business and the people you create solutions for? Or is there something missing, but you can't put your finger on it?

Are you ready for a TOTAL BRAND that expresses you fully, that attracts your ideal client, and that FEELS GOOD to run as a business that naturally flows through the most important parts of your life?

We know what it feels like to want to HUSTLE LESS with your business and FLOW MORE.

We also know that this needs a careful balance of two things: HOW your business runs as an experience for YOU and your ideal client, AND HOW you bring your business in front of people consistently who are a match for what you do (and love to pay you gladly for it)

We Are Here To Help

We are Nicci Orozco and Martine De Luna, a Brand Strategy + Brand Identity powerhouse for women in the wellness & beauty industry who are looking to BUILD A BEAUTIFUL BRAND THAT FEELS GOOD TO RUN & ATTRACTS CLIENTS YOU FEEL ALIGNED WORKING WITH.









As intuitive businesswomen, we bring a unique STRATEGY + DESIGN SOLUTION to you to help you

stand out in your industry with a clear and compelling brand

develop an online presence that you feel deeply proud of

show up online as yourself attracting your most blissful clients

master your social media content and engagement

earn high-frequency money for your business, because you feel good earning from what you love and from truly helping people

If you never want to ever again waste your time figuring out your Brand Strategy, your Brand Identity, your website and social media design, and your marketing and are ready to work with an awesome team who will help you gain clarity with your brand vision and design direction: WE HAVE THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION.

Martine De Luna Coaching together with Nicci Designs presents our BLISSFUL BRAND DESIGN + STRATEGY COACHING.

This service includes full-on consulting, strategy, and design experience: logo, website, social media, collaterals, and copywriting. This high-touch and high-yield results experience is only for business owners in the wellness and beauty industry who are serious about investing in their business and are willing to work closely with us throughout the process.

No more overwhelm, trying to piece things together bit by bit.

Can you SEE your brand and online presence already transformed from the inside out?
Are you ready to not just have a beautiful business website, but the MINDSET to be continually motivated and manifesting the best clients and a beautiful income because you SPEAK and SERVE and LOOK the part of a confident and caring business owner?

Are you ready to wake up each day EXCITED to own and run your business, because it's more than just a business: It's aligned with every aspect of your life?

Let’s do this together.

We are ready to hold the space for you to dream your dreamiest business and life dreams, and we are going to help you make them HAPPEN, starting now.